As a historic and culturally diverse area of central London, Aldgate is a popular area for businesses to set up an HQ or office. Sandwiched between two major financial districts, the City of London and Canary Wharf, the area attracts a range of businesses. Though Aldgate is best known for its number of insurance companies and brokerage firms, the area has seen a shift towards residential properties and a younger range of professionals in recent years, transforming Aldgate into a more modern district. Despite being a lesser-known area by tourists, Aldgate remains an exciting area with a number of opportunities. So whether you’re looking to situate your office in Aldgate, relocate there, or simply fancy a visit, discover the draws of Aldgate and things to do within this guide.

Aldgate Attractions

There are many advantages to the Aldgate area for both businesses and individuals. So no matter your reasoning for visiting the area, whether you’re hoping to relocate there or just go for a day trip, there is plenty of draws to Aldgate. Discover the main Aldgate attractions below to give you a better idea of what to expect before your visit:

Close to the City and neighbouring creative districts such as Shoreditch, Aldgate offers a mixture of commerce and culture.

With underground stations and nearby National Rail services, it is easy for people to get to and from Aldgate from all areas of the city.

Known for its relations to the financial sectors, Aldgate is a prime commercial and financial hotspot in London which could be ideal for businesses looking to relocate.

If you’re looking to set up your base in the heart of London, Aldgate could be a good location choice as the rent is usually slightly more affordable than the City of London next door.


Things To Do In Aldgate

When looking for something fun to do in Aldgate, there are plenty of entertainment venues and places of interest to discover in this part of the city. As a hub for businesses and the financial sector, there are various things to do to keep professionals entertained during lunch breaks, after work or on the weekend. Whether you enjoy a trip to the pub or even an escape room, Aldgate’s got something for everyone:

With vintage shops, food stalls and independent businesses, nearby Brick Lane is great for Aldgate locals to find bargains and have a browse.

A public square located in the heart of Aldgate, this is a popular place to spend a lunchtime.

As the highest public garden in London, Sky Garden allows visitors to stroll around some beautiful greenery while viewing the city from up high with its floor-to-ceiling windows.

Omescape is an immersive escape room in Aldgate, great for team building or fun with friends.

One of London’s most popular attractions, The Tower of London is a key place to go near Aldgate and allows visitors to view the Crown Jewels as well as the old castle.

Is Aldgate A Good Area To Work?

Aldgate is primarily a business hub, so choosing to work in the area can be a sensible choice if you’re seeking a bustling financial atmosphere. The historic buildings create an attractive location for business professionals. Plus, with its close proximity to the City, Aldgate becomes the ideal location for those looking to reap the benefits of the City while saving money on office rental prices.

Aldgate has numerous office types available which allow both big and small businesses alike to work in the area. For those seeking a flexible approach, coworking spaces have grown in popularity over recent years, allowing users to pay for the space only when it is needed. This is ideal for project-based employees or startups looking to minimise their overheads. Temporary offices and hotdesking opportunities work in a similar way, providing modern solutions to corporate environments.

Aldgate Office Advice

Alternatively, traditional private offices are also available in Aldgate if you’re looking to base your organisation in the area for an extended period. However you’re looking to work in Aldgate, there should be an office solution to work for you and your business.


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