As the neighbour of London Bridge, Borough is a constantly-growing hub for businesses, retail, and cultural opportunities. A riverside location attracting both tourists and business professionals alike, Borough is certainly a prevailing area for those looking to relocate. When it comes to finding an office in Borough, it can be tough to know what is available and what would best suit your business. But fear not – at Purpose Group we’ve got all the intel on current office spaces with years of experience in our team to help our clients find their ideal spaces. This guide will cover all you need to know about offices in Borough, from the types of spaces available to Borough area information and more.



One of the great things about offices in Borough is the wide range of office types on offer. Borough is not restrictive in the spaces available for professionals to use, incorporating both traditional and more flexible options across the area. With numerous spaces to choose from, we’ve outlined your different options below.

Private Office Spaces

The more traditional route of a private office comes with a space totally separated from other organisations and can be fully customised to suit particular needs and requirements. Serviced offices, for example, are a specific type of private office which come fully furnished with all amenities needed for a productive working environment. This can include Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, break rooms, building management and more, saving businesses the hassle of organising everything before making full use of the space.

Private offices can be great for long-term companies looking to remain in Borough for an extended period as leases are often longer than other office types. However, it is also worth noting that private offices will be the most expensive spaces due to the exclusivity they offer.

Shared Office Spaces

Alternatively, shared offices in Borough allow organisations to reap all the benefits of a private office space but at a slightly lower cost. Shared offices might also be known as co-working spaces and offer a space which is shared with other individuals or teams.

This can be a great alternative to a fully private office as you’ll be able to make use of the facilities that come with a private space, while also saving some money due to the split rental price. Although a shared office is not quite as personal, they may still offer meeting rooms and other private areas to conduct confidential meetings, which can be ideal for some businesses. Smaller businesses in particular tend to appreciate the attraction of a shared office space as it can hugely help to minimise outgoings.

Flexible Office Spaces

What’s more, flexible offices provide even more flexibility compared to shared spaces and can be great for certain businesses. Temporary offices in Borough, for instance, are available to rent for a much shorter period than traditional office agreements, with some even rented by the hour. This is widely popular amongst freelancers and project-based organisations as you only need to pay for when you’ll actually need the space.

Virtual offices in Borough are another type of flexible office arrangement. Despite not having access to a physical office space, virtual offices allow businesses to make use of a Borough mailing address and phone services while saving some budget on rental costs. For businesses that mainly operate a remote working pattern, this can be ideal. It is certainly worth assessing the various office spaces available before jumping into an agreement.

Is Borough a
Good Area for an Office?

If you’re in the midst of deciding where to place your office, the most important thing is to consider what you want from the area and space. There is no straightforward answer as to where you should situate your HQ, only you can figure that out. Though be sure to think about the area’s accessibility, atmosphere, and reputation before deciding anything as you want to be sure it fits your business image. Some of the main draws to the Borough area are listed below to give you more of an idea of why some people might like to relocate there:

Home to the infamous Borough Market and proximate to key London attractions, Borough has a vibrant cultural atmosphere that can work to boost team morale or impress clients.

Located in the borough of Southwark which is one of London’s greenest areas, Borough is close to some green spaces which can often be unusual in the city centre.


Area Information: Borough

Originally named for being located just outside the jurisdiction of the City of London, Borough is placed in the heart of Southwark and a few minutes’ walk from the likes of Tower Bridge. The area has a diverse population of both creatives and City professionals, meaning any business regardless of industry would be well suited to Borough.


For things to do in Borough, you could visit the Tate Modern, go up Europe’s tallest building – the Shard – or of course, take a trip to Borough Market with a huge selection of cuisine to choose from. You’ll never be short of things to do in Borough, even if it’s an after-work trip to the pub, there’s plenty to keep you entertained. The combination of Borough as a bustling professional district as well as a lively cultural area is one of the big draws for many organisations.

How to Find an Office in Borough

If Borough sounds like the place for you, you’ll first need to browse online at available commercial spaces in the area and narrow down your search list based on your working requirements. Consider the cost, number of people, and other facilities needed in the space. Next, get in touch to arrange viewings and see if you could truly imagine yourself or your team there. Viewings are an essential part of the process so do try to view any you’re interested in before signing any agreements.


For more information on the Borough area or office spaces in London, feel free to contact us at Purpose Group where we’re happy to take you through the process and find the perfect space for your business. Get in touch online today.


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