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Now more than ever. Whether you’re a creator, educator, artist, business support team, innovator - we can help.

Providing the right atmosphere for your productivity is our speciality. Everybody can appreciate that to produce the best work, art or music and to have the most impact in life you need the right atmosphere.

Whether you are a business, creator, educator, artist or innovator, money is always on the mind. Through our commitment to reviving the forgotten buildings of London, we bring them – and you – a new purpose by providing affordable spaces for anybody in need of a workplace to call home.

We pride ourselves on being flexible for our customers, whether this is with rental terms, your dream workspace design or when you need to be in the office. Our mission is to provide you with the best value workspace possible, with the freedom to create, educate, entertain and work the way you want to. 

We offer a multitude of customisation options because everyone should be able to make their space work for them. Want to go in your own direction with a blank slate? The freedom is all yours. Need some inspiration? We have an in-house team of designers and builders to create your perfect space.

Alongside our goal of creating affordable workspaces around London, we also want to grow the community within our Purpose spaces and serve the local community as well. That’s why many of our buildings have dedicated communal areas and event spaces, including cafes, gyms, retail areas, exhibition halls and more! 

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