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Offices in Tottenham

Located in North London, Tottenham is a diverse and increasingly-popular place to situate an office or business HQ. With recent regeneration investments, the Tottenham area has transformed from a traditionally working-class area to a district rich with opportunity. When it comes to finding an office in Tottenham, it can be hard to know the range of spaces available and which might work best for your business. At Purpose Group, we’re committed to finding the perfect spaces for our clients. In this guide, we’ll cover all there is to know about Tottenham office spaces, the benefits of working in the area, and how to find your dream office.



When searching for an office in the Tottenham area, it is good to know that there is a range of options, fitting for both global companies and small businesses alike. Below, we’ve compiled an overview of the available office spaces in Tottenham as well as which businesses might best suit the various office types to give you a better indication of what could work for your organisation.

Private Office Spaces

The most traditional type of work environment has to be a private office. With a totally secluded space, private offices in Tottenham can be customised to suit your personal needs and requirements which is a key benefit for many businesses. Serviced offices are another popular office option, providing a private office which has been fully furnished to save you the task of organising everything yourselves.

Private offices are naturally one of the more expensive office types, however, they do offer consistency and stability in the workplace which is why so many organisations opt for them. Private offices in Tottenham are also ideal for those working with highly sensitive and personal information by providing full exclusivity.

Shared Office Spaces

Alternatively, some organisations lean more towards a shared office type as it allows people to benefit from all the facilities of a standard private office while minimising their outgoings.

Shared offices in Tottenham split the rental cost between multiple individuals or teams who then share the space – hence the name.This co-working may not work for everyone but it can be great for startups or small organisations who are not in a position to invest in a long-term private rental agreement.

Shared offices are therefore definitely worth considering if you don’t require a private space at all times.

Flexible Office Spaces

The term flexible offices can include a whole host of office space options such as virtual offices, hot desking, and temporary spaces.

In recent years, flexible working patterns have skyrocketed, reducing the need for a permanent office space. For those that work remotely or on a hybrid policy, flexible offices can be the ideal solution to the modern working world. Temporary spaces in Tottenham, for example, are available to rent for a shorter period than standard agreements, meaning those on seasonal or project-based contracts can still benefit from an office without worrying about the length of a lease.

Similarly, virtual offices in Tottenham are another popular office arrangement. Despite not having access to a physical office space, virtual offices allow businesses to have a Tottenham mailing address without having to pay the more expensive office rental fees. For those operating remotely, this is a great way to establish a business in the Tottenham commercial sector without having to compromise your working patterns.

Is Tottenham a
Good Area for an Office?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to finding your ideal office location. Different businesses will have different needs, so it’s important to figure out your own requirements before jumping into a contract or agreement. Consider accessibility for commuting, other businesses in the area, and the image you hope to portray to clients when narrowing down your area choices. Here we’ve listed some of the main draws of the Tottenham area to give you more of an idea of whether it could also work for you:

Compared to other London districts, Tottenham is particularly affordable with lower rental prices for Zone 3, meaning you can get more for your buck in Tottenham.

Tottenham has had large investments over recent years and continues to do so, bringing more opportunities and excitement to the area.


Area Information: Tottenham

The Tottenham area is celebrated for its rich cultural diversity, resulting in a range of international cuisine and character. Most notably, the area is home to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium which offers tours of the grounds. There are various pubs, bars, and breweries also spanning the district, ideal for a drink after work or to impress clients.


Bordering Walthamstow, Edmonton, Wood Green, and Stamford Hill, you are never far from an activity or experience in Tottenham. The Walthamstow Wetlands for example are particularly close to Tottenham Hale and comprise of several interlinking reservoirs, perfect for an afternoon stroll. However you like to spend your free time, there is plenty to do in Tottenham which can add a great deal to your working week.

How to Find an Office in Tottenham

If Tottenham is the place for your business you’ll need to narrow down your search by looking at available current listings online to get the process moving. Once you’ve viewed some spaces or spoken to an agent about alternative office arrangements, you should be able to sign a lease and move into your ideal office space shortly after.


For further guidance on offices in Tottenham, please do get in touch with us at Purpose Group where we can talk you through the process and help figure out which office type would work for your organisation best. Get in touch to speak to one of our colleagues online today.

Offices in King’s Cross

As one of the most popular central London districts, King’s Cross is surrounded by Clerkenwell, Camden, Islington, and Fitzrovia, making the area highly desirable for those looking to relocate their headquarters. If you’re looking to find an office in King’s Cross, it can be difficult to narrow down your options with so many office spaces available in the area. At Purpose Group, we’re here to help. Whether you’re seeking a private office or a more flexible space, we’ve got numerous King’s Cross options suiting the needs of any business, big or small. Here, we’ll cover the types of spaces in the area, whether King’s Cross would suit your business, and other area information so you’re fully informed on your King’s Cross office options.



Due to the popularity of King’s Cross as a hub for commercialism and business, there are various office spaces on offer. From private offices to co-working spaces and even virtual offices, there should be something for everyone across the King’s Cross area. An overview of the office types available is outlined below to give you an idea of what might best suit your organisation

Flexible Office Spaces

Given the name, it may come as no surprise that flexible offices provide the most flexibility to businesses compared to other available spaces. The term flexible offices can include temporary and virtual offices, as well as hot desking. Temporary offices in King’s Cross, for instance, offer people the opportunity to rent a space for a shorter period than a standard rental agreement. Offices can be rented by month, day, or hour in some cases, which can be great for seasonal or project-based businesses.

Virtual offices in King’s Cross are another option, enabling users to have a King’s Cross address and phone services despite not having a physical office space. This could work well for smaller organisations looking to establish themselves in the area without the high costs of a private space, as well as those that operate a remote working policy.

Private Office Spaces

A more traditional space would be a private office in King’s Cross. These offices would be exclusive to your team and can be personalised to suit your needs which is often the major benefit of a private office. Alternatively, you could opt for a serviced office which is a type of private office that comes fully furnished, saving you the trouble of sorting equipment, furniture, and décor before making use of the space. Serviced offices in King’s Cross often come with fast internet, break and meeting rooms, 24-hour access, building management and more.

Private offices are a popular choice for large organisations and those who are keen to stay in King’s Cross for an extended period due to the longer lease agreements that are generally the case with private spaces. These offices will, however, also be on the more expensive side so be sure to keep that in mind when deciding which space would work for your business and budget.

Shared Office Spaces

Shared offices could be the perfect middle-ground solution for your office needs. Allowing businesses to enjoy all the facilities of a private office at a lower price, shared offices rely on multiple people or teams to split the cost of the space between them.

Although this might not suit some companies who deal with highly sensitive information, shared offices often come with private meeting rooms that can be used while largely reducing overheads compared to fully private offices. As a style of co-working space, shared offices have boosted in popularity over recent years and can be a great alternative to traditional offices, particularly for freelancers, startups, and small businesses.

Is King’s Cross a
Good Area for an Office?

When deciding which area is best for your business, it is good to consider a number of factors before finalising your decision. The area’s reputation, convenience for commuters, and overall atmosphere can be key, especially if you’ll be inviting with clients and customers to your office. Some of the main benefits of a King’s Cross office are outlined below to give you a better understanding of the area’s draws:

Many businesses have relocated to the King’s Cross area, creating a highly commercial atmosphere of a range of industries, which would suit any organisation.

Not only does King’s Cross have an established commercial vibe, but there are also lots of activities to keep your team entertained, including restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, a canal, and a shopping centre.


Area Information: King’s Cross

The King’s Cross area has seen a huge regeneration over recent decades which has transformed the area into a bustling place to work. Home to many global corporations, including tech giants, music companies, newspapers and more, King’s Cross has a wide range of industry professionals. What’s more, the area also has green spaces as well as Regent’s Canal, making it a particularly nice area to commute to while still being a central London location.


If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you’ll be able to visit Platform 9¾ inside King’s Cross station. Alternatively, the area has numerous bars, pubs, restaurants, and shops, as well as the British Library if you’re after a more peaceful afternoon. King’s Cross truly has something for everyone, which can be a huge draw for many businesses looking for a commercial yet cultural office location.

How to Find an Office in King’s Cross

To find your ideal King’s Cross office, you should first have a look online at reliable sites for available office spaces in your desired area. Make sure to look at the spaces which will best suit your organisation, whether that would be a private office or a more flexible arrangement. Then once you have narrowed down your choices, you’ll need to contact the provider to arrange a viewing. This will really be able to help get a feel for the place, so be sure to view any offices or spaces you think could work for you. All that’s left to do once you’ve found a place, is to sign the agreement.

If you’d like to speak to one of our Purpose Group colleagues about anything office space-related, feel free to get in touch today and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Offices in Borough

As the neighbour of London Bridge, Borough is a constantly-growing hub for businesses, retail, and cultural opportunities. A riverside location attracting both tourists and business professionals alike, Borough is certainly a prevailing area for those looking to relocate. When it comes to finding an office in Borough, it can be tough to know what is available and what would best suit your business. But fear not – at Purpose Group we’ve got all the intel on current office spaces with years of experience in our team to help our clients find their ideal spaces. This guide will cover all you need to know about offices in Borough, from the types of spaces available to Borough area information and more.



One of the great things about offices in Borough is the wide range of office types on offer. Borough is not restrictive in the spaces available for professionals to use, incorporating both traditional and more flexible options across the area. With numerous spaces to choose from, we’ve outlined your different options below.

Private Office Spaces

The more traditional route of a private office comes with a space totally separated from other organisations and can be fully customised to suit particular needs and requirements. Serviced offices, for example, are a specific type of private office which come fully furnished with all amenities needed for a productive working environment. This can include Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, break rooms, building management and more, saving businesses the hassle of organising everything before making full use of the space.

Private offices can be great for long-term companies looking to remain in Borough for an extended period as leases are often longer than other office types. However, it is also worth noting that private offices will be the most expensive spaces due to the exclusivity they offer.

Shared Office Spaces

Alternatively, shared offices in Borough allow organisations to reap all the benefits of a private office space but at a slightly lower cost. Shared offices might also be known as co-working spaces and offer a space which is shared with other individuals or teams.

This can be a great alternative to a fully private office as you’ll be able to make use of the facilities that come with a private space, while also saving some money due to the split rental price. Although a shared office is not quite as personal, they may still offer meeting rooms and other private areas to conduct confidential meetings, which can be ideal for some businesses. Smaller businesses in particular tend to appreciate the attraction of a shared office space as it can hugely help to minimise outgoings.

Flexible Office Spaces

What’s more, flexible offices provide even more flexibility compared to shared spaces and can be great for certain businesses. Temporary offices in Borough, for instance, are available to rent for a much shorter period than traditional office agreements, with some even rented by the hour. This is widely popular amongst freelancers and project-based organisations as you only need to pay for when you’ll actually need the space.

Virtual offices in Borough are another type of flexible office arrangement. Despite not having access to a physical office space, virtual offices allow businesses to make use of a Borough mailing address and phone services while saving some budget on rental costs. For businesses that mainly operate a remote working pattern, this can be ideal. It is certainly worth assessing the various office spaces available before jumping into an agreement.

Is Borough a
Good Area for an Office?

If you’re in the midst of deciding where to place your office, the most important thing is to consider what you want from the area and space. There is no straightforward answer as to where you should situate your HQ, only you can figure that out. Though be sure to think about the area’s accessibility, atmosphere, and reputation before deciding anything as you want to be sure it fits your business image. Some of the main draws to the Borough area are listed below to give you more of an idea of why some people might like to relocate there:

Home to the infamous Borough Market and proximate to key London attractions, Borough has a vibrant cultural atmosphere that can work to boost team morale or impress clients.

Located in the borough of Southwark which is one of London’s greenest areas, Borough is close to some green spaces which can often be unusual in the city centre.


Area Information: Borough

Originally named for being located just outside the jurisdiction of the City of London, Borough is placed in the heart of Southwark and a few minutes’ walk from the likes of Tower Bridge. The area has a diverse population of both creatives and City professionals, meaning any business regardless of industry would be well suited to Borough.


For things to do in Borough, you could visit the Tate Modern, go up Europe’s tallest building – the Shard – or of course, take a trip to Borough Market with a huge selection of cuisine to choose from. You’ll never be short of things to do in Borough, even if it’s an after-work trip to the pub, there’s plenty to keep you entertained. The combination of Borough as a bustling professional district as well as a lively cultural area is one of the big draws for many organisations.

How to Find an Office in Borough

If Borough sounds like the place for you, you’ll first need to browse online at available commercial spaces in the area and narrow down your search list based on your working requirements. Consider the cost, number of people, and other facilities needed in the space. Next, get in touch to arrange viewings and see if you could truly imagine yourself or your team there. Viewings are an essential part of the process so do try to view any you’re interested in before signing any agreements.


For more information on the Borough area or office spaces in London, feel free to contact us at Purpose Group where we’re happy to take you through the process and find the perfect space for your business. Get in touch online today.

Offices in Shoreditch

As a lively entertainment district, East London’s Shoreditch area is highly fashionable and alternative, attracting locals, tourists and businesses alike. Located in the E1 postcode, Shoreditch is synonymous with culture, fashion, and entrepreneurship. Many companies have established themselves in East London thanks to its hub of creativity while in proximity to the corporate City, making it the perfect location for an office or HQ. Startups in particular have been drawn to Shoreditch over the years, so it might just be the place for your organisation too.



Shoreditch offers a range of office units in different sizes to meet the needs of companies both big and small. Though, our available Shoreditch workspaces might be less ideal for large organisations as they are generally suited for 30 people maximum. At Purpose Group, we have custom-fitting available for our Shoreditch spaces, meeting rooms, a staffed reception, and 24-hour access along with other key amenities.

All private offices are customisable to suit the needs and requirements of each organisation. This means that your office space can be adapted, allowing you to work in the most effective and enjoyable means possible. However, as with all private office spaces, they will come at a certain cost which may not be within everyone’s budget. Though if you need a permanent office for every day, the cost may be minimal compared to the use and personalisation that a private space can offer. Weighing up the pros and cons of various spaces is key.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more flexible working approach there are both coworking, virtual, and temporary offices in Shoreditch which may suit your needs better than a private space. These adaptable office options have boomed in popularity since the pandemic and can be ideal for startups or small businesses who are looking to minimise their overheads. In Shoreditch, there are numerous coworking spaces so be sure to check them out if a flexible work approach is more your style.

Is Shoreditch a Good
Place To Have An Office?

Establishing where your ideal office location could be is no easy task. You will need to consider an area’s accessibility, surrounding culture, commercial atmosphere, facilities and a number of other factors. A key question to ask yourself is: Does the area meet the needs of my business? If the answer is no, then the area is not for you, regardless of how trendy or reasonable it might be.


  • Creative hotspot – great for the arts
  • A well-connected area with solid transport links
  • Home to a range of restaurants, bars, and pubs – perfect for after-work drinks and impressing clients
  • A base for startups – ideal for connecting with likeminded individuals and businesses
  • Lots of coworking and flexible working spaces

Does Shoreditch Have
Good Transport Links?

Shoreditch is spoilt for choice when it comes to transportation. With overground stations, Shoreditch High Street, Liverpool Street, and Bethnal Green close by, and underground stations Old Street and Liverpool Street, Shoreditch is easy to access from various routes. The Elizabeth, Central, and Northern tube lines pass near the Shoreditch area making it ideal for commuters based all over London.

There are also numerous bus routes which travel in or around Shoreditch, including the 149, 205, 243, 35, 47, and 55. Yet if cycling is your preferred mode of transport, Shoreditch has official cycle routes which link to Hyde Park in Mayfair, Walthamstow, and as far as London Bridge. However you like to travel, Shoreditch is an easy-to-access location which can benefit employees across the capital.

More Information About Shoreditch

Considered an artsy area surrounded by young creatives, Shoreditch is a vibrant location with lots to do. In 1605, the Gunpowder Plot by Guy Fawkes was exposed in a house on Hoxton Street which is one of Shoreditch’s many historical highlights. Today, however, the area has become a major tourist attraction with its street art, markets, and multicultural atmosphere attracting many visitors and establishing Shoreditch as a liberal London district.


Activities in Shorditch

Shoreditch is home to Brick Lane’s Sunday market as well as Hoxton Market nearby where visitors can try a range of authentic cuisines and spend their days wandering the various market stalls. For an after-work drink, you can visit The Carpenter’s Arms which was once owned by the notorious Kray twins, or even The Ten Bells, known as a prime location for Jack the Ripper to stalk his victims.

In case pubs associated with criminals are not your thing, Shoreditch has a handful of independent cinemas and art spaces which show both art house and blockbuster films, ideal for creative film enthusiasts. The Museum of the Home, located on Kingsland Road, is another key cultural spot, paying homage to the area’s furniture-making heritage with 11-period rooms, a herb garden, and a café. Shoreditch also has a cluster of independent and chain restaurants, suiting the needs of every foodie, including The Clove Club which is Michelin Star-rated. Shoreditch truly is a place of culture with the perfect mix of creativity and commercialism.

Find Your Perfect Shoreditch Office Space

If Shoreditch is the area for your business or organisation, please get in touch with us at Purpose Group where we’ll be happy to match you to your dream office space. Or if you’re not quite sold on Shoreditch, feel free to browse our other locations or contact an adviser to determine where the best office spaces in London are for your needs. We want what is best for you.

Offices in Aldgate

At the heart of London’s finance sector, Aldgate is a prime location for modern businesses to establish their headquarters. Positioned in close proximity to the City of London, the area is home to major business centres, attracting insurance companies, brokerage firms, and other financial services to Aldgate. Yet that is not all. As Aldgate is so centrally located, you are never far from neighbouring areas including Old Street – ideal for those in tech – or Shoreditch – for creatives. Choosing to situate your office in Aldgate could therefore be perfect for your organisation to grow and thrive in a central London district. Whether you’re seeking a private office, coworking space, or temporary work space, there are plenty of options in the Aldgate area to suit all your business needs.



Aldgate is great for its variety of office spaces available. Most organisations opt for a private, serviced office which is fully furnished. This ensures that the majority of office issues will be dealt with by the building management, and also allows your company to have a secure space to conduct your work. Private office spaces can vary in size, fitting between 6-50 people. Aldgate’s business centres are key locations for these private offices. However, a private space will often be the more expensive office option. If your business is likely to use the space every day then the outgoings on rent can be well worth the cost. Though, be sure to take this into consideration before finalising your office decision.

If you are a smaller business or seeking a more flexible workspace in Aldgate, there are alternatives which might better suit your requirements. Coworking spaces have boosted in popularity over recent years due to their flexibility and low cost. For those on a hybrid work pattern or project-based work, a coworking space would be ideal as you only pay for when the space (or desk) is used. Similarly, temporary office spaces in Aldgate are another adaptable option, where an office can be rented for less than the usual rental period – often less than a month. Considering all your workspace options is therefore key as it could drastically minimise your overheads and make all the difference to your business budgets.

Is Aldgate a Good
Place To Have An Office?

As part of the liveliest areas of the UK capital, Aldgate is certainly a tempting choice when looking to relocate. Depending on your area of business, the financial district could work in your favour and encourage a real commercial buzz. However, important considerations should be made before selecting the area for your office. Think about the area’s accessibility, reputation, and surroundings. To help map out whether Aldgate is for you, we’ve assembled some advantages and disadvantages of the area below. Remember, only you can decide where will benefit your organisation best.


  • Impressive transport links
  • Known as a key commercial and financial district
  • Proximate location to the City and neighbouring creative districts – such as Whitechapel and Shoreditch
  • Slightly cheaper than the City of London
  • Various office spaces available


  • Might not suit certain creative industries
  • Limited green areas
  • Offices will come at a certain cost despite not being as central as the City

Does Aldgate Have
Good Transport Links?

Fortunately, Aldgate is particularly well-served when it comes to transport connections to the rest of London. With Aldgate and Aldgate East underground stations in the heart of the area, commuters can get to Kings Cross St Pancras in approximately ten minutes, as well as other stations on the Circle, District, Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan lines. This is great for both those looking to commute from further into Greater London and those outside the city entirely.

Regular TFL buses also serve Aldgate with various routes including the 115, 343, 254, 135, 205, and 15 passing near the area, allowing those from nearby districts to easily get into Aldgate. Cycle lanes are another transportation link for those close by. Aldgate is certainly a good location transport-wise which can be a key advantage for businesses seeking a central London base.

More Information About Aldgate

Despite its financial allure, Aldgate’s history cannot go unnoticed. The original purpose of Aldgate was to serve as a defensive gate along with 7 others during the Roman era, hence establishing its name – originally Alegate. As part of the wall around the City of London, Aldgate’s historic origin can still be observed in the architecture of some of the area’s buildings today. Plus, Aldgate’s proximity to the Tower of London makes for a particularly historical atmosphere.

There are also a range of restaurants and bars throughout Aldgate, which can be a great way to impress clients or wind down after a long working day. It is worth noting, that there are few things to do in Aldgate as it is primarily a financial district. Though fear not, thanks to its location, in Aldgate you are never too far from something to do. From Shoreditch to Liverpool Street and Whitechapel, accessing the sights and fun activities are never too far away.


Find Your Perfect Aldgate Office Space

If Aldgate sounds like the perfect place for your business office, please feel free to contact Purpose Group where we are more than happy to discuss your options, narrow down your search, and hopefully find the ideal space for you.

Area Guide: Shoreditch

As one of London’s most creative districts, Shoreditch has seen a drastic shift over recent years, attracting the likes of hipsters and tech professionals alike. The gentrification of Shoreditch is like none other in the city, making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists. From shops to markets and galleries, Shoreditch always seems to have something to do. So if you’re looking to move to the area, situate an office in Shoreditch, or simply visit for the day, have a browse of our area guide where we’ll give you all the information you could possibly need for the Shoreditch area.


Things To Do In Shoreditch

When it comes to activities and events, Shoreditch is the place to go. The area is surrounded by street food as well as Michelin-starred restaurants, so no matter your dietary requirements, you’ll never go hungry in Shoreditch. The range of unique bars and classic English pubs also makes Shoreditch a great place to meet with friends or have an after-work drink to wind down. Some of the most popular things to do in Shoreditch are outlined below to give you a better idea of the bustling atmosphere of the area:

A ball pit cocktail bar, combining all the fun of a childhood ball pit with funky cocktails and disco music – what is there not to love?

Open on Sundays, Columbia Road flower market neighbours Shoreditch and is famous for its variety of fresh flowers.

A free museum, the Museum of the Home explores concepts of home life throughout the ages. It also has a café, event spaces, a learning pavilion, and libraries.

Community arts hub presenting dance, art shows, film screenings, music and more is an ever-popular hub for cultural experiences.

With a constantly-changing lineup of stalls and events, Old Spitalfields Market has a range of vendors, from vinyls to antiques.

As one of the best places in London for street art, Shoreditch has no shortage of murals. You can even take a street art tour around the area so you don’t miss a thing.

of Shoreditch

If you’re considering relocating to Shoreditch either for work or to live, you might be wondering whether it’s the right place for you. There are many advantages to the Shoreditch area not only from a cultural perspective but also a commercial one. Below, we’ve listed the main draws of Shoreditch to help in your London search:

Creative Hotspot

Great for the arts, there is a range of galleries, museums, theatre spots, and exhibitions throughout Shoreditch which is ideal for art lovers and creatives.

Commercial Hub

Shoreditch has seen startups, small businesses and a range of industries move to the area in the past decade, establishing the area as a hub for commercialism and collaboration.

Cheaper Properties

Compared to neighbouring districts Westminster and Farringdon, Shoreditch is much more affordable for both commercial and residential properties, allowing many businesses to establish themselves in a thriving area of central London.


There are numerous transport links connecting Shoreditch to the rest of the city and beyond including TFL underground stations and nearby National Rail lines.

Working In Shoreditch

Finding the perfect location for your business can be tricky. It’s important to consider an area’s reputation, accessibility, surrounding area, and overall atmosphere before jumping into an office lease agreement. Though one of the best things about working in Shoreditch is its variety of available office types. If you’re interested in flexible work arrangements, Shoreditch has a range of coworking spaces and temporary offices allowing you to pay for the space as and when you need. However, if traditional private offices are more your style, worry not as Shoreditch has plenty of them as well. There are therefore working spaces to suit everyone in and around Shoreditch which is one of its main pulls for professionals to the area.

What’s more, as Shoreditch is surrounded by universities including City University, London Met, and University of the Arts London, there is a constant stream of new and exciting talent around the area. This can be beneficial if you’re looking to expand your organisation, connect with younger talent and graduates, or simply increase your status as a business. There is plenty to be excited about when it comes to setting up an office in Shoreditch.

Shoreditch Office Advice

For more information on offices in Shoreditch, feel free to contact us at Purpose Group where we’re more than happy to discuss your options
in line with your working requirements. Get in touch today.

Area Guide: Whitechapel

As a district of East London, Whitechapel is home to a rich historical and cultural atmosphere. Its large transport investment has seen new opportunities and businesses drawn to the area over recent years, establishing Whitechapel as a great place to work or live. The E1 postcode has various galleries, restaurants, and places of interest for people to visit. So no matter whether you’re looking to move to Whitechapel, set an office up there, or simply visit during the week, there is plenty for you to get involved in. Learn more about the Whitechapel area including the draws, things to do, and working environment in our handy Purpose Group area guide.


Things To Do In Whitechapel

When looking for something to keep you busy, you’ll never be far away in Whitechapel. As an area in East London, Whitechapel is known as a more creative and art-based district which is home to numerous galleries including the Whitechapel Gallery, Leyden Gallery, and Gallery46. It is therefore an art lovers paradise. Though if art is not your thing, worry not. We’ve gathered some of Whitechapel’s most popular attractions here which is sure to have something for everyone:

Dedicated to the history of 1880s East London, the museum examines the crimes of Jack the Ripper.

The world’s oldest surviving Grand Music Hall still operates as a theatre, bar and historic landmark.

A detailed mural representing a historic 1936 Jewish rally, next to a small garden, ideal for some quiet in the busy city.

For those keen on history you won’t want to miss the memorial to Anne Boleyn in Whitechapel.

As an immersive escape room experience, AIM has hyper-realistic sets and complex narratives to keep your team entertained and excited.

A little bit of history situated in Whitechapel, The Fusilier Museum tells the story of a British infantry regiment and takes less than an hour to explore.

The axe-throwing experience offers a day out like no other. They’re rated number 1 in Europe for axe throwing, making Axeperience a unique experience for all visitors.

Working In Whitechapel

One of the main draws to Whitechapel is its short commute into London’s banking hubs such as the City and Canary Wharf. For those working in these areas, Whitechapel is a particularly convenient 15-20 minute commute. Though such convenience does relate back to a higher cost of living with bigger residential price tags in Whitechapel as a result. Whitechapel might therefore be out of the budget for some residents.

However, if you’re looking to situate an office in Whitechapel, it could work out more affordable than neighbouring districts. Whitechapel offers a range of office types to suit different sized businesses. For those seeking a flexible approach, Whitechapel has various coworking spaces, as well as temporary offices, allowing users to rent the space for a shorter period than standard leases. These working arrangements are often popular amongst small businesses, startups and project based organisations.

Though if you’d like to opt for a traditional private office space, Whitechapel is also able to accommodate. There are a range of office solutions for those working in Whitechapel or nearby areas, making it a highly sought-after central London location.

Whitechapel Office Advice

For more information on offices in Whitechapel, feel free to contact us at Purpose Group where we’re more than happy to discuss your options
in line with your working requirements. Get in touch today.

Area Guide: Aldgate

As a historic and culturally diverse area of central London, Aldgate is a popular area for businesses to set up an HQ or office. Sandwiched between two major financial districts, the City of London and Canary Wharf, the area attracts a range of businesses. Though Aldgate is best known for its number of insurance companies and brokerage firms, the area has seen a shift towards residential properties and a younger range of professionals in recent years, transforming Aldgate into a more modern district. Despite being a lesser-known area by tourists, Aldgate remains an exciting area with a number of opportunities. So whether you’re looking to situate your office in Aldgate, relocate there, or simply fancy a visit, discover the draws of Aldgate and things to do within this guide.

Aldgate Attractions

There are many advantages to the Aldgate area for both businesses and individuals. So no matter your reasoning for visiting the area, whether you’re hoping to relocate there or just go for a day trip, there is plenty of draws to Aldgate. Discover the main Aldgate attractions below to give you a better idea of what to expect before your visit:

Close to the City and neighbouring creative districts such as Shoreditch, Aldgate offers a mixture of commerce and culture.

With underground stations and nearby National Rail services, it is easy for people to get to and from Aldgate from all areas of the city.

Known for its relations to the financial sectors, Aldgate is a prime commercial and financial hotspot in London which could be ideal for businesses looking to relocate.

If you’re looking to set up your base in the heart of London, Aldgate could be a good location choice as the rent is usually slightly more affordable than the City of London next door.


Things To Do In Aldgate

When looking for something fun to do in Aldgate, there are plenty of entertainment venues and places of interest to discover in this part of the city. As a hub for businesses and the financial sector, there are various things to do to keep professionals entertained during lunch breaks, after work or on the weekend. Whether you enjoy a trip to the pub or even an escape room, Aldgate’s got something for everyone:

With vintage shops, food stalls and independent businesses, nearby Brick Lane is great for Aldgate locals to find bargains and have a browse.

A public square located in the heart of Aldgate, this is a popular place to spend a lunchtime.

As the highest public garden in London, Sky Garden allows visitors to stroll around some beautiful greenery while viewing the city from up high with its floor-to-ceiling windows.

Omescape is an immersive escape room in Aldgate, great for team building or fun with friends.

One of London’s most popular attractions, The Tower of London is a key place to go near Aldgate and allows visitors to view the Crown Jewels as well as the old castle.

Is Aldgate A Good Area To Work?

Aldgate is primarily a business hub, so choosing to work in the area can be a sensible choice if you’re seeking a bustling financial atmosphere. The historic buildings create an attractive location for business professionals. Plus, with its close proximity to the City, Aldgate becomes the ideal location for those looking to reap the benefits of the City while saving money on office rental prices.

Aldgate has numerous office types available which allow both big and small businesses alike to work in the area. For those seeking a flexible approach, coworking spaces have grown in popularity over recent years, allowing users to pay for the space only when it is needed. This is ideal for project-based employees or startups looking to minimise their overheads. Temporary offices and hotdesking opportunities work in a similar way, providing modern solutions to corporate environments.

Aldgate Office Advice

Alternatively, traditional private offices are also available in Aldgate if you’re looking to base your organisation in the area for an extended period. However you’re looking to work in Aldgate, there should be an office solution to work for you and your business.

Area Guide: Old Street

Located in central London, Old Street is a well-known area amongst locals and tourists alike due to its recognisable street art and proximity to the City and West End. In terms of Old Street’s commercial sector, numerous industries have been drawn to the area over recent years making it a thriving hub for businesses. Plus, with a range of bars, parks, markets, restaurants and galleries, you’ll never be short on things to do in Old Street. Whether you’re visiting for the day, looking to relocate, or hoping to place your office in Old Street, you can be confident knowing it is an ever-evolving district with lots of potential for new and exciting ventures. Discover more information about Old Street in our handy area guide.

Draws of Old Street

When researching London districts for an upcoming relocation, or simply for a day trip, it can be helpful to know to draws and main attractions of the area before your visit. Old Street has various benefits which have made the area highly sought-after for new businesses. Take a look at the main draws of Old Street below to help guide you in your London search:

Proximate to both the City and East London, Old Street has both creative and commercial neighbours in the heart of London

Home to a range of startups and companies, the area is ideal for growing businesses, regardless of industry.

Compared to its neighbours Finsbury, Farringdon, and Spitalfields, Old Street properties are much more affordable from both a residential and commercial standpoint.

As with most areas of central London, Old Street has a number of reliable transport links allowing commuters to get to the area from all parts of Greater London and beyond.

The multiculturalism of East London has merged into Old Street with its array of food places, ideal for foodies. Plus there are many activities located in close proximity to Old Street, making it a good place to spend your free time.


Things To Do In Old Street

If you’re seeking some activities and places of interest, Old Street has you covered. Best known for its street art, taking a tour around the Old Street area could lead you to beautiful murals and some of London’s most impressive artwork free of charge. What’s more, Old Street has seen Banksy in the area on many occasions, as well as Damien Hirst, establishing Old Street as an important destination for creatives and art lovers. Though if street art is not your thing, don’t worry. We’ve outlined some of the most popular things to do in Old Street below so have a browse and see if there’s anything that takes your fancy:

Art gallery and international arts centre, there is a range of events and collections available to view at Rivington Place all year round.

As a modern take on a darts bar, Flight Club has automatic digital scoring and different interactive darts games to keep your party entertained for hours.

There are various food markets and independent restaurants close to Old Street, making the area a foodie’s paradise. Food tours are therefore popular including vegan food tours.

The Old Street ping pong bar is a great place to eat, drink, and get competitive with its range of interactive games, not just ping pong.

Exhibitions can be found at this gallery focusing on British art and the post-war period, though it is worth noting you are only allowed 30 mins to browse the gallery.

Close to Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road with their impressive range of outlets, it’s easy to shop from Old Street.

Whats it like to work in Old Street

Despite the artistic flair of Old Street, the area also has a recognisable tech reputation. Old Street has seen an influx of new tech-based organisations over the last few decades, which in turn, has established a tech hub first referred to as The Silicon Roundabout by David Cameron. Old Street is therefore a popular location for both commercial business properties and residential ones.

Old Street Office Advice

A key benefit of choosing to situate an office or HQ in Old Street is its variety of offices available. Alongside traditional private offices, Old Street also has a number of flexible working spaces such as temporary offices and coworking stations where you can hire the space for as long or short as you need. These spaces have proven popular among startups and small businesses in Old Street as they offer a central London location without the high costs of a private office. Whatever your preferred mode of working, Old Street is a particularly accommodating area, attracting numerous organisations over the years as a result.

Offices in Old Street

Located North of the City, Old Street has established a reputation as a key location for both residential and business properties, making it a popular choice amongst companies to situate their headquarters. Tech companies, startups, and creative organisations in particular have been drawn to the area over recent years thanks to Old Street’s close proximity to the City and West End combined with the variety of flexible work spaces available. Whether you’re looking for private offices, coworking spaces, temporary offices, or even virtual offices, Old Street has it all. Perhaps, it could be the perfect place for your business as well.



Office spaces in Old Street come in various sizes and formats. Specifically, there is an extensive range of serviced office locations, providing businesses with a fully furnished workspace and all the necessary facilities. This office style is ideal for certain companies as most issues will be dealt with by building management, leaving you to concentrate on your work. At Purpose Group, we have whole-floor Old Street office spaces available for teams of up to 30 people.

It is worth noting, however, that private offices in Old Street may come at a higher price range. With its proximity to the City, Old Street is a prime location for businesses wanting to be close to the financial hub without paying quite the same rental costs. Though opting for a private office in central London will, in most cases, be an expensive option. The benefits of a private space can be well worth the cost if used by employees on a daily basis and provide the freedom to customise the work area to best suit the needs of the company.

Flexible workspaces in Old Street are another option for those who require less structure and are looking to minimise overheads. As a less conventional office, coworking spaces, virtual offices or temporary offices have increased in popularity following the pandemic and the need to work remotely. Choosing a flexible workspace might therefore be the perfect solution for startups and smaller organisations as you only pay for when the space is used. Seeking out the various workspace options available in Old Street before signing a lease is key as you could end up saving a lot of money on a space you otherwise would not have considered.

Is Old Street a Good
Place To Have An Office?

With its balance of street art and new building developments, Old Street is an attractive office location for many. Some important considerations to think about when deciding where your office should be situated are the area’s commercial atmosphere, accessibility, surroundings, reputation, and services. But ultimately, determining where your office is best located is up to you and the needs of your business. Below we’ve outlined some general pros and cons of working in Old Street to help narrow down your office search.


  • Home to a range of industries – including tech, the arts, and various startups
  • Well-placed for transport connections
  • Close to both the City and East London – a great balance of creativity and commercialism
  • Lots of different working spaces available
  • Less expensive than neighbouring districts


  • Limited green areas
  • Larger offices can be on the pricey side – as with most sizable spaces in the city

Does Old Street Have
Good Transport Links?

Old Street benefits from a number of reliable transport links connecting the area to Greater London. With the nearest London Underground stations being Old Street, Liverpool Street and the Barbican, the area is accessible on the Northern, Central, Circle, Elizabeth, Metropolitan, and Hammersmith and City tube lines, ideal for commuters into the city centre. There are also National Rail services reaching nearby areas of Shoreditch, Moorgate, Hoxton, and Farringdon, making the Old Street area a great location for employees to reach.


TFL bus routes and cycle lanes similarly serve Old Street well and allow people from closer districts to easily travel into the area without the need for other modes of transportation. Old Street is truly a well-connected area, making it highly attractive for many organisations looking to find a base in central London.

More Information About Old Street

The Old Street area is famous for its street art. Well-renowned artist Banksy has appeared on many occasions in Old Street, and even Damien Hirst started out in nearby Shoreditch, adding a significant creative flair to the district. Yet Old Street is more than simply a hub for the arts. As an emerging centre for the technology industry, Old Street has seen an influx of tech businesses over recent years, to such an extent that it was referred to as The Silicon Roundabout by former PM David Cameron. Old Street is therefore both a technological and artsy London district, establishing itself as a hub of contemporary commercialism by merging the surrounding City and East London characteristics into one.


Activities in Old Street

If you’d like to spend some time enjoying the wonders of Old Street, you will find yourself with an array of places to eat thanks to its proximity to East London’s multicultural districts. This part of the city has an extensive range of international cuisine, ideal for foodies and a great way to impress clients at a lunch meeting. For team bonding, why not try the ping pong bar Bounce on Old Street where you can eat, drink and play various games (not just ping pong) to boost team morale. Their high-tech interactive games tables could be a great way to unwind after a long day at the office.

Due to Old Street’s prime location, there is something for everyone to enjoy in close proximity. Fifteen minutes from the West End you can nip to the theatre from Old Street, or if you’re in need of some urgent shopping, try Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road which are easily accessible from The Silicon Roundabout. However you like to spend your free time, Old Street is never far from something to do.

Find Your Perfect Old Street Office Space

To discover more about office spaces in Old Street, feel free to contact us at Purpose Group where we’ll be happy to talk you through your options and narrow down the ideal office for your needs. From serviced offices to virtual ones, we want to support you in finding the space that helps your business to grow. Get in touch with us today to start your office search.

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